I overcome the limitations of phone or point-&-shoot cameras by using specialized cameras, lenses, lighting and technique to isolate and emphasize injuries, scarring and disfigurements. This increases the probability of favorable outcomes. I additionally offer accident site and drone aerial photography services.

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"I wanted to share with our organization a tremendous experience that my office had with MATA Sponsor Jeffrey Thiebauth.


I worked with Jeff on a serious dog bite/scarring case for a young client.  We coordinated schedules and Jeff drove from Hull up to Lowell to meet with the client.  He was very kind, patient, and flexible as we dealt with a very young subject to photograph.


Jeff was open and transparent throughout the photography session.  He communicated very well to the client, her parents, and me what he was doing and why.  Most importantly, he explained in explicit terms that his product was “pure” and would accurately reflect the scarring but it would not be enhanced in any way digitally or otherwise.


When I received the product, both the digital and dry mounts, I can attest that Jeff was true to his word.  The photographs were outstanding and captured so much more than an IPhone Camera or the simple camera we have at the office.


His turnaround time met or exceeded expectations.  His pricing was very fair.  His customer service and responsiveness were outstanding as well.


I think it is important that we take the time to not only share our accomplishments at trial or ADR, but also acknowledge the people that help us get there."


Brian Durkin

Zaim Law Firm

Lowell, MA

"More than once Jeff has brought his talented eye to photographing scarring caused by personal injuries. I never cease to be impressed by the positive comments from my clients concerning the sensitive, professional, manner in which Jeff handles this difficult area of photography.“

Dennis Bottone

Bottone/Reiling, Attorneys at Law

Boston, MA

“I have called upon Jeff on numerous occasions to photograph client scarring in a variety of cases. Jeff is a pro - he puts clients at ease and delivers an outstanding product. Jeff accommodates client and attorney schedules and understands the need to produce his product promptly. I recommend him highly!”


Ronald E. Gluck

Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C.

Boston, MA

“I have known Jeff Thiebauth and his work since 2007 when I served as President of the Massachusetts Bar Association. He was our go-to photographer for almost every event and continues in that capacity to this day.

I currently use Jeff to document scarring and disfigurement in personal injury cases. Jeff is a pleasure to work with, is professional and delivers outstanding results. I recommend him highly and would be happy to provide more details if desired.”


David W. White, Jr.

Breakstone, White & Gluck, P.C.

Boston, MA